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1 x 10 Litre Drum f/2 (f2) NH4 1000x (Gamma Irradiated)

1 x 10 Litre Drum f/2 (f2) NH4 1000x (Gamma Irradiated)

AlgaBoost (1000x) f/2 NH4 is a filtered (0.2 micron nominal pore size) concentrate of f/2 NH4 medium for culture of marine microalgae. It is a Two-part Mix: Part A (1000x) is contained in a 10 litre drum & Part B (1,000,000x) is packaged in a 10 ml syringe.

    9,990 litres seawater
+    10 litres Part A (1,000x)
+    10 ml Part B (1,000,000x)
    10,000 litres f/2 NH4 (silicate-free)

To Make silicate-free f/2: For 1000 litres of f/2 NH4 culture medium, add 1 litre of silicate-free 1000x Part A (from the 10 litre drum) to 1000 litres of seawater, and 1 ml of the concentrated (1,000,000x) f/2 Vitamin Mix (Part B) from the 10ml syringe. Mix well, aerate and you're ready to go.

Formulation: Our formulation produces an f/2 NH4 medium that is modified from that used by the CSIRO Microalgae Culture Laboratories (AUSTRALIA) & closely based on the formulation of Guillard & Ryther (1962) and Guillard (1975), by the use of NH4 in place of NaNO3 (1:1 molar subsitution) and the exclusion of silicate.

Can I use it with diatoms ?: You can use this product for culturing diatoms if first you add appropriate levels of metasilicate to the seawater used to make your media. For this purpose, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is commonly added to seawater at a level of 12.5 - 22.7mg / litre, although the amount required may vary according to the species of microalgae and general culture conditions used.

Contains: Part A: ammonium, phosphate,  iron, citrate (chelator), trace elements (Co2+, Cu2+, MoO42-, Zn2+, Mn2+); Part B: Vitamins (Thiamine-HCl, Biotin & B12). 

Product Conditioning: contents of the 10 litre drum and the 10 ml syringe, are 0.2 micron filtered.


1 x 10 Litre Drum f/2 (f2) NH4 1000x (Gamma Irradiated)